Personal Coaching

"If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track, which has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living."
- Joseph Campbell
Life is not always so smooth. It is not usual for people to express a feeling of being stuck, or feeling out of life’s flow.  Are you someone who wants to live a FABULOUSLY productive life on your own terms? Have you ever been stymied by one or more of the personal dilemmas or issues that sometimes seem so overwhelming?
Dr. Janet Palmer addresses specific personal and professional challenges by analyzing what is happening now to you, identifying your obstacles or challenges and helping you select a course of action to achieve success. Her expertise and support structure is designed to enable you to realize your potential. 
In total confidentiality, we will review the tough questions and the hard truths. Our partnership will challenge existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and work to develop new ones, which will serve your goals in a more productive way.
Dr. Janet Palmer specializes in:
• Self-Esteem Building
• Stress Reduction
• Conflict Resolution
• Families with Special Needs members
• Anxiety and Depression
• Relationship Concerns
As a result of years of training she is able to provide the tools necessary to effect change and facilitate the ability to view situations from many perspectives and align them with individual goals and objectives and inspire you to to great things.

Kimberly Wilson, Vice President, Maxwell-Drummond International

Janet is an amazingly intuitive woman. She listens and can immediately pick up on the needs of her clients. She is open, honest and caring. She coaches in a way that allows individuals to see how they are perceiving situations and she guides them through these to find one’s reality. She is very supportive and only wants the best for her clients.



Don Fisher,

Janet Palmer demonstrates incredible coaching skills and brings real world and practical experience that benefitted me as I worked through some life experience issues. Janet is detail-oriented, dependable, and truly has the gift of listening. If you are looking for a coach to help you work through your issues you need not look farther. There were several times when I sort Janet’s assistance and expertise and she has always been very professional and contributed positively to the resolution of my struggle. I am fortunate to have hired Janet and have benefitted from her expertise, diligence, research and follow through on all matters relevant to the problems in my life. Her skill set has enriched my life immensely. She does not try to reinvent the wheel and has a common sense approach to problems presented to her. She has a high degree of integrity and has made me feel extremely comfortable and yet challenged to examine myself during the session. Janet from my standpoint is a top-notch coach who has good business sense combined with an understanding of what it takes to be the best me I can be. She has never hesitated to go the extra mile on behalf of her clients; beyond what would be expected from others with her credentials. Overall, she is the first coach I have gone to and thus far I see her work as an asset to the field.”


Jorge Ivan Perez Silvestre, Cuban Architect and Entrepreneur

When you meet with Janet you are not prepared for what will happen.  What I mean is that she is a rare combination of a humble human being with a powerful analytic sharp and skilled mind.  Janet has a very unassuming demeanor, but once you start talking with her you realize that you are in the presence of an extremely authentic woman.

She is a combination for me of Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Obama and Oprah.  Just being in her presence her attentiveness, compassion, and concern made my encounter with her a powerfully stimulating one.  This experience made me feel empowered and certain that I was created to contribute great things to the world.  Sessions with Janet radically changed my life.  She revealed to me my created purpose, my power and encouraged me to use that power to improve my life and the lives of others around me, with the certainty that I am making this a better world.  There is no way that I was prepared for such a profound transformation when I first met Janet whom I consider the 21st century’s evolution of love coming out of one amazing woman.