Janet is a Coach whose clients live their created purpose.  As a result of working with her they each learn how to serve others and become extraordinary leaders.


Her clients overcome the war between their flesh and their spirit. They cherish the joy of discipline which yields a life filled with tremendous growth and success.  You will be equipped with the tools that will enable you always to do the right thing even when feels impossible to do so.

Janet holds a doctorate in psychology and is both Board and ICF certified to coach.  She has worked extensively with Fortune 500 employees as well as those with special needs family members. 

If you have ever thought, “Why was I created?”, Janet is the Coach to hire.  Want to move to the next level in your life or career?  Clients say resoundingly that Janet is a must hire to get that done.  


Dr. Janet Palmer of Dr. Janet Palmer International to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


A person can engage the therapeutic process and be enhanced by the coaching experience. The two aren’t in conflict. They can make a fabulous marriage. — Dr. Janet Palmer.

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New York, NY – There are times in our life when there seems to be a common thread. When we reach these punctuations in our life, we reflect. Do I really like this? Is this is why I was created? What did God have in mind when he put me on this earth?

Dr. Janet Palmer is a Corporate and Life Coach and founder of Dr. Janet Palmer International, where she works alongside individuals and organizations to, as she describes it, clarify and perfect their “why.”

“What does ‘why’ mean?” asks Dr. Palmer. “For a person it’s ‘Why was I created?’ For corporations it’s ‘Why are we featured now?’ If a person is fulfilled they are able to see the markers that confirm they are actualizing their ‘why.’ In an organization, there’s a sense of fulfillment and a sense of purpose when all team members have a similar goal in mind.”

Dr. Palmer holds a doctorate in psychology and worked for many years as a school psychologist until she decided to open a private practice.

“There was a gnawing 20 years ago to explore this new thing called coaching,” recalls Dr. Palmer. “I decided I would. Today I am internationally certified through ICF as a professional certified coach and I am also board-certified.”

Though she believes coaching and psychology to be separate disciplines, Dr. Palmer says she’s not discomforted by working with clients who do have a psychological label. She offers a 360 approach to the client and their success.

"A person can engage the therapeutic process and be enhanced by the coaching experience," says Dr. Palmer. "The two aren’t in conflict. The client becomes more rounded and evolved as a result."

For more information on Dr. Janet Palmer, visit www.janetpalmer.com